Peppermint 20ml

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Peppermint: Mentha piperita   Put a few drops in the bath, aroma diffuser, or mix with your favourite lotions or liquid soaps. To relax and sleep better, put a few drops at the corner of your blanket or pillow.   Origin: Japan Processing Method: Steam Distillation Description / Color / Consistency: A thin, clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid.
Feel your stress melt away in the shower with its lingering heavenly scent! Moke essential oil has been used for centuries not only for its beautiful, relaxing scent, but also for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Made with real silk peptides, this soap also creates a rich, luxurious lather, and moisturises skin deeply. Suitable for all skin types.
Known for its soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, chamomile essential oil is proven to treat dermal irritations and hydrate dry, red, hot and sensitive skin. Formulated with a range of premium base oils for extra gentleness and care. Ingredients: Olea europaea oil, camellia oleifera oil, oenothera biennis oil, juglans regia oil, aqua, essential oils, tocopherol, grapefruit seed extract, sodium lactate. Suitable for normal to dry, mature skin, sensitive/irritated skin.
30ml measuring cup Good for measuring medicines, essential oils, or other liquid ingredients for cooking Comes with cap to prevent any spillage