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A special formulation made just for this festive season!   Enriched with real papaya and cocoa butter, coupled with a unique blend of essential oils and plant powders, this soap will deeply clean your skin without it being harsh. What's more, the papain will help gently exfoliate your skin.   Give yourself a wonderful gift to pamper your skin, or suitable as a beautiful gift for friends and family.   Very limited quantities available! While stocks last.   Suitable for all skin types.
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A coffee-salt scrub that is packed with the goodness of carotenes to brighten your skin! Made with a special blend of coffee grounds, salts, plant powders and pure essential oils to help reduce spots and help rejuvenate skin. With premium ingredients such as strawberry, goji and lotus, and many more. Hand ground and hand-crafted with care.
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A variation of soaps made with a high percentage of olive oil, this plain Bastille soap (no essential oil) is a good way to transit to using bar soaps! On clearance offer, with roughly 3 months shelf life left and some aesthetic flaws. Made with 100% pure olive oil, Castile soap is the most gentle of all soaps. High in oleic acid, this soap helps to regenerate and draw moisture to your skin. You will surely love its smooth and creamy lather.   Suitable for normal to dry skin, sensitive/irritated skin.
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L.O.L? This mix of lemon, orange and lime will definitely put a smile on your face! With a zesty combination of citrus oils, this soap is excellent for cleansing moderately oily skin and brightening dull complexion. The refreshing and uplifting scent of citrus fruits is great for a kick-start in the morning or winding down after a long day   Suitable for normal to oily skin.
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