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Tea Tree: Melaleuca alternifolia   Put a few drops in the bath, aroma diffuser, or mix with your favourite lotions or liquid soaps. To cure a blocked nose or cough at night, put a few drops at the corner of your blanket or pillow, or in an oil or balm and rub on chest. Also works well on insect bites, acne and oily skin.   Origin: China Processing Method: Steam Distillation Description / Color / Consistency: A thin, clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid.
A special formulation made just for this festive season!   Enriched with real papaya and cocoa butter, coupled with a unique blend of essential oils and plant powders, this soap will deeply clean your skin without it being harsh. What's more, the papain will help gently exfoliate your skin.   Give yourself a wonderful gift to pamper your skin, or suitable as a beautiful gift for friends and family.   Very limited quantities available! While stocks last.   Suitable for all skin types.
Great for hair and skin, it is a mild, hypoallergenic oil, safe for even sensitive and baby skin. It has been shown to combat UV damage to skin, dark circles, and help renew skin cells. It also works well as a makeup remover, massage oil, to treat chapped lips, to reduce undesired layers of tan and to work it through your hair as a substitute for leave-in conditioner. For face, apply 1-2 drops on your palm, rub palms together to heat the oil, and apply oil onto face by placing your whole palm on your face. Spread by using gently upward circular motions where necessary. For body, apply a small amount on your palm, rub palms together to heat the oil, and apply on hair or body as desired.
This premium, multi-purpose healing cream works on contact with highly concentrated levels of organic ingredients to provide soothing relief for irritated skin and helps heal even the most stubborn diaper rash caused by change in diet, medication or prolonged wetness.   When used daily, it helps prevent diaper rash from occurring.   Recommended by doctors and pediatricians.